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The football might draw the crowds. The cricket might get five days of wall-to-wall radio coverage. But when it comes to pride, passion and power, you can’t beat rugby. The most skilled, strongest and quickest athletes in the world in a test of tactics and stamina. What could be better?

How about all of that rugby, sport played at the very highest level by international competitors, with the added bonus of unbeatable hospitality? With White Label Hospitality, it’s not only the rugby that’s world-class. The facilities and extras in our rugby hospitality packages are world-class too. That’s what makes international rugby one of our most popular corporate entertainment options.

Rugby is about competition, but hospitality is about co-operation. You choose the event, we tailor a package, and the hospitality staff at one of the international venues provide amazing customer service. And all the while some of the greatest competitors in the world display their strength and skill as you watch from your VIP seat or corporate box.

With the best hospitality services paired with a match between two exceptionally good rugby teams, you can be certain of an event that’ll be the perfect reward for your staff, an amazing start to a business relationship, or a way of keeping customers and clients entertained as you build your network.