Why is sports hospitality an experience to behold?

Posted January 7, 2019 in Football

Couple of decades ago, corporate hospitality involved little more than buying your prospects or clients a ticket for a game, along with a couple of beer coupons to help them enjoy the experience. However, as the corporate interest  in sports continues to grow, this simple practice of impressing a client with a free ticket and a drink or two evolved into a standalone industry.

At a time when we are bombarded with advertisements and marketing messages, corporate hospitality offers businesses an unique way to interact with and engage clients. Not only does it offer businesses a chance to build personal relationships with their most rewarding clients, sports hospitality offers a refreshing, informal environment to conduct productive business interactions.

So what constitutes a typical sports hospitality experience nowadays? Let’s find out:

What a Typical Sports Hospitality Package Includes:

Depending on the event and the venue, a sports hospitality experience may include a few or all of the following:

  • Admission to the most exclusive events. Think about it, if you manage to get your clients into to a sold out event, it is bound to make a lasting impression on them.
  • Complimentary inclusions such as welcome drinks, exclusive buffet luncheons, and dedicated hostesses.
  • Access to exclusive seats within the stadium, positioned at strategic vantage points to ensure your guests enjoy the best view of the match.
  • A chance to meet and interact with the athletes. Guests may also be treated to matchday memorabilia such as a photograph with an athlete or a signed souvenir.
  • Exclusive access to the matchday programme and team sheets.

What Makes Sports Hospitality Effective?

As mentioned earlier, sports hospitality events offer businesses a relaxed and informal environment to interact with their clients. Moreover, having exclusive access to iconic and in-demand events is a great catalyst when it comes to forging lasting business relationships.

Treating a football-loving client to an exclusive VIP experience at the FA Cup final is something they are bound to remember and appreciate. In many cases, the guests are given access to a private box, away from the hustle-bustle of roaring crowds, providing the perfect environment to discuss business.

Moreover, most experiences don’t end with the match, but have added extras that keep your guests occupied for a few hours after the main event, offering business representatives the perfect opportunity to initiate productive conversations.

More than 80% of businesses that engage in corporate hospitality at sporting events believe such events are extremely effective at improving relationships with clients. This belief however, is not limited to the businesses hosting their clients. 71% of guests that are invited to sports hospitality experiences say they are more likely to increase the amount they are spending with that company, as a result of the experience that was provided to them.


The key to successfully taking advantage of corporate sports hospitality lies in choosing your vendor carefully. While there are many businesses online that will offer passes to exclusive events, only true professionals, such as White Label Hospitality, will offer unforgettable and complete experiences that will help you strengthen your business ties.

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