The Premier League Effect: How The Iconic Football League Has Transformed Football

Posted February 15, 2019 in Football

The most popular sport on the planet, football has not always enjoyed as much attention as it does today. In the early 90s, football news in the national newspapers shared the sports column with other popular sports such as rugby and cricket.

However, when the first division of the Premier League was introduced in 1992, everything changed.

Partly owing its success to the media coverage it drove, the Premier League transformed all aspects of the game. The physical, psychological, tactical, and technical aspects of the game have evolved faster than ever, in the 27 years of the League.

However, those aren’t the only aspects of the game that have improved. Let’s look at a few that have a more direct impact on the fans:

The Venues

The division pumped a lot of money into the sport and the insane amounts of transfer fees that the clubs routinely pay for the best talent is a clear proof of this. However, this affair becomes more apparent when you look at the modern stadiums.

While the first division matches were played in run down fields surrounded by rickety audience stands, modern stadiums pack world-class restaurants, museums, and almost all luxury amenities a spectator can imagine.

The better stadiums are reportedly enjoying great success. Grounds in the First Division, before the advent of Premier League were only 70% full at the time of matches, this number has climbed to an impressive 95% in the recent times.

The Game

While the modern footballers are earning significantly more than their predecessors from two decades ago, the game itself has become more demanding that ever before.

The Premier League not only brought investments that enabled more clubs to provide their players with more sophisticated training and nutrition, it brought foreign managers and players that helped modernise English football.

For instance, the arrival of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal introduced strict dietary practices to the gunners, along with stretching sessions that many considered bizzare at the time. This forced the other clubs to step up their player fitness.

As a result, “high-intensity bursts” undertaken by the players during a game increased from 627 per team per game in 2002-03 to 1209 in 2005-06. With specialists being appointed to review and fine tune every aspect of the players’ performances, the spectators today are enjoying the most fierce competition in the history of the game.

The Matchday Experience

Speaking of the history of the game, fans have always been at the centre of the Premier League ideology. After all, it is a form of entertainment, for said fans. That being said, clubs and stadiums are now offering wholesome and rewarding matchday experiences for the most dedicated fans.

We’re talking VIP boxes, personal waiters, 4-course meals, and in many cases, a chance to meet and exchange a few words with their football idols! Such experiences are especially a favorite among business owners trying to strengthen business relationships with their football-loving clients.


The Premier League has been a true game changer in the World of football. Even after a quarter of a century, the league is still evolving, bringing forth better football with every edition. Today, football doesn’t just have better athletes, coaches, and managers, thanks to Premier League, the beautiful game commands the attention that it deserves.

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