Four Most Iconic Stadium Facelifts We Have Ever Seen

Posted February 8, 2019 in Football

For a football fan from two decades ago, the modern stadiums are beyond their wildest dreams. Before the Premier League was introduced, basic amenities in the stadiums, such as an all-seater audience stand, were rare.

Audiences had hardly any protection from the weather, and were happy watching the game from under corrugated roofs. The clubs didn’t pay much attention to the condition of their ‘homes’ either. However, in the recent years, much has changed in the world of football. One of the areas where this evolution is most apparent is the condition and standard of stadiums around the globe.

Let’s look at some such examples in more detail:


Opened in 1884, the 54,000 seater Anfield is by no means the biggest stadium in the country. However, for fans of the game, the stadium is a place of pilgrimage to true Liverpool fans.

Even before the modern amenities were added to Anfield, the stadium witnesses several historical football moments.

After the recent facelift, the stadium now offers much more than the electrifying matchday atmosphere it is renowned for. Today, the stadium offers elaborate suites, brilliant pre-match experiences, and lavish lounges for the entertainment of the most dedicated fans of the game.

The stadium currently offers over 10 specialised matchday experiences that include access to private bars, dedicated hosts, and in some cases, a chance to meet a Liverpool player! Could a fan ever ask for more?


The symbol of English football, the Wembley stadium and has hosted 78 FA Cup Finals, six European Cup finals, one World Cup and the Euro 1996 football championship, among several other major sporting and entertainment events.

While the venue has always been a national symbol, it has come to be recognised as an architectural marvel, and the pinnacle of sporting facilities after it was rebuilt in 2007. The home ground of the national football team now boasts a covered seating 90,000 and is the second largest football ground on the continent.

Residents of London are no strangers to the iconic Wembley arch that now dominates the city’s skyline, while also supporting 70% of the weight of the retractable roof.

Old Trafford

The Theatre Of Dreams is no stranger to historical football performances and exclusive sporting events. The 80,000 capacity stadium went through numerous upgrades during the 1990s and 2000s and was the first British football ground to feature a private box.

Today, the Old Trafford field is surrounded by covered all-seater stands that offer world-class amenities to visiting fans. For the most special fans, the stadium is home to over twenty luxury matchday experiences with distinct features. The Theatre Of Dreams houses gourmet chefs, private restaurants, elaborate bars, and comfortable lounges, all meant to make the matchday experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Camp Nou

Home to legendary Spanish club FC Barcelona, Camp Nou is also the biggest stadium on the European continent. However, the massive seating capacity of the stadium is by no means, its best feature.

Camp Nou is houses many extravagant VIP lounges and boxes that offer guests uninterrupted catering, access to open bars, and exclusive experiences such as being the twelfth man on the field! That is of course, if you haven’t had too much to drink!

The stadium promised to make the matchday experience “unforgettable” with their luxury offerings.


This is the best time to be alive for football fans. With the game getting attention from all directions, be it corporate interest or the general popularity of the game, visiting and watching a live match is a much better experience than it was two decades ago.

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