Football Matchdays Are More Than Just The Game: Check Out What The Top Stadiums Are Offering To The Most Dedicated Fans

Posted February 22, 2019 in Football

Football these days is more popular than ever before. Thanks to this immense popularity of the game, we can see several aspects of the game evolving rapidly.

One area where this evolution is most evident is the improvement in the quality of matchday experiences.

While broadcast technology has brought the game to every nook and corner of the world, there is no shortage of dedicated fans that want to watch the game live.

The best part is, the stadiums are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the matchday experience for the millions of fans that flock to the games is absolutely phenomenal. Modern venues are routinely sold out and are thinking of innovative ways to improve the fan’s live experience.

Exclusive VIP Areas

While watching the beautiful game live in all its glory is an experience in itself, VIP areas make such experiences all the more memorable. Offering privacy and a host of featured services, VIP matchday experiences are nothing short of spectacular.

We’re talking champagne and caviars, reserved parking spots, private entry gates, dedicated wait staff, and a whole lot more to spoil the spectators as they watch their favorite teams battle it out on the field.

Speaking of the field, VIP boxes in stadiums such as Wembley and Old Trafford are strategically positioned to offer the guests the best view of the pitch!

Matchday Experiences That Start Well Before The Match

When guests opt for a luxury hospitality experience, the matchday begins much before the regular fans. When other fans meet at bars and pubs to “pre-game” the game, hospitality guests can check into their VIP areas a few hours before the kick-off.

This is a great way to get into the groove of the game. Having dedicated hostesses, an open bar, and buffet lunches doesn’t hurt the celebrations. The best part is, the matchday does not end with the final whistle.

Instead, the guests can enjoy gourmet meals and engage in post-match revelry without having to worry about rushing out of the venue.

Gourmet Meals On Demand

Only thing better than quality football, is quality football accompanied by quality food. The best matchday hospitality experiences offer guests access to michelin-star meals and open bars that boast a handpicked collection of the best wines and champagnes.

Apart from offering complete three-course and four-course meals before and after the match, the guests are treated to snacks on demand to make the most of the match time excitement.

One-On-One With The Gods Of The Game

Certain stadiums go an extra mile to make the matchday truly memorable for their most dedicated fans, by offering them a chance to meet and engage in some quality football banter with their favorite players.

Nothing short of a dream for any true fan, the experience also on occasion, involves a trip to the player stands and signed souvenirs such as signed footballs and jerseys.


Luxury matchday hospitality constitutes everything a dedicated fan could ever ask for. However, being an exclusive offering, getting your hands on tickets for such experiences can be a challenge.

White Label Hospitality ensures you are never let down when you want to enjoy watching your favorite teams in action. Choose from our hospitality packages today, and make your matchday experience, one fit for the history books.

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